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 Post subject: remote copy of SQL DB or existing snapshot
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:11 am 

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We currently have snapshots of several SQL databaes scheduled on one 3par system using recovery manager for SQL. I want to copy those snapshots to our second system using remotecopy. How would I do that? Any way on the CLI to copy a given snapshot to the other system? Anyway to initiate a copy after recovery manager snaps a SQL DB?

I can get remotecopy to periodically copy these volumes, but it seems like it's operating outside of the SQL recovery manager, so I'm afraid of the databases not being consistent on disk.

Doing this task in the GUI would be useful, but we really need to be able to script it, so I definitely will be looking for the CLI method.


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 Post subject: Re: remote copy of SQL DB or existing snapshot
PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:32 am 

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We are facing similar issues and have been working with 3par on some work around. The good news in the long term is they know this is a desired feature/option and form what I can tell will be implementing something. What we are trying to do is script it such that when the SQL snapshot is taken the RC is triggered before SQL is taken out of backup mode. We looked at RM-SQL and RM-V and they have serious limitations and are thus in the middle of building script to do all this for us.

Logically it will work like this:
- quiesce SQL/OS
- make snapshot
- trigger RC so that the rcpy snapshot is getting a clean quiesced snap
- on remote array once RC is done trigger snap of that replicated volume so it syncs up with same data on the source snapshot.

This is far form fool proof and requires various validations and has plenty of places the process is not solid, but we have a mandate to provide that functionality and if 3par products can;t do it we are building powershell and 3par cli scripts to do it.

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